Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+
Your slayer is truly driven to defeat evil. He must seek it out wherever he suspects it lies, and brooks no interference from those he thinks bar his way.

In exchange for this dogged determination and unflinching dedication to the chase,
Relentless characters who get a success to recover from being Shaken may take a single


Requirements: Novice, Arcane Background (Miracles), Spirit d8+, Faith d10+

The character is a member of the clergy trained to drive demonic spirits from human bodies. Anytime he makes an opposed Spirit or Faith test versus demons or supernaturally evil forces, he adds +4 to his roll.

Monster Hunter

Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d6+
The character is completely immune to Fear checks from one broad type of creature, such as ghosts, werewolves, vampires, or constructs, If applied to spellcasters, it includes the fear spell as well.

The Game Master is the final arbiter of whether or not the Edge applies to a particular horror. The Edge may be taken multiple times, each applying to a different creature type.

Sound Mind

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
This investigator has learned to cope with the terrors he must face and the dark things
that lurk in his world. Increase his Sanity by +2.

Tower of Will

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d8+, Vigor d8+
Some people know their minds better than others and have trained to keep it that way. A character with this Edge may add +2 to any attempt to resist being mentally controlled by unnatural means, whether by a creature’s Special Ability, magical artifact, or magical spell. The +2 bonus also applies to resisting Tests of Wills.


Requirements: Seasoned, Spirit d8+
This monster slayer has seen things that would make most men lose their minds. Somehow he’s hardened himself to it and can live with it. If the hero makes his Smarts roll, he gains one extra point of Sanity during “down time” (see page 23). This is usually between adventures, and is entirely at the Game Master’s discretion (a character who spends his time researching monsters shouldn’t get the bonus, for example) and is in addition to any he might gain for other reasons.


Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Investigation d8+, Knowledge (Occult) d8+
Knowledge is power, and occasionally the path to madness.
The Occultist begins the game with Forbidden Lore . The player may choose what it pertains to. Broad subjects such as “monsters” lead to suitably broad benefits but lack of specifics when it comes to information. More specific lore, such as “vampires” should yield appropriate levels of details.

One of the Chosen

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
Your investigator gains either a +1 to attack rolls vs. supernatural evil or they suffer a –1 penalty to attack rolls to hit him—your choice. You may take this Edge a second time but only after achieving a new Rank to gain the other ability.


Requirements: Novice
Dark dreams or flashing visions of doom and dread fill this person’s thoughts. While they are disturbing, they are often useful as well. Once per game session, the visionary is granted a vision. This may be a sudden flash that can occur at any time, a nightmare that only happens when sleeping, or it may be an active process such as reading tea leaves or tarot cards.

When this occurs, the visionary must make a Smarts roll. If the roll is failed, the visions take their toll on her mind, confusing fantasy with reality, the past with the present, or simply straining the mind with arcane energy. The seer loses 1 Sanity point.

Beast Change

Requirements: Novice
When you select this Edge, select a non-magical beast from the SWD rule book or the Horror Companion (Wolf, Bear, Leopard, Constrictor, etc.). By succeeding on a Spirit roll, your character physically changes into the form of the selected beast. Your Smarts, Spirit, and Skills remain unchanged, but the rest of your traits become those of the beast. You gain access to any of their special abilities, but lose any of your Edges that would be unusable in your new form. Another Spirit roll is required to return to your human form.

Echoes of the Beast

Requirements: Beast Change or Lycanthrope
This edge allows you to access part of your bestial nature without having to change. This manifests as a +1 bonus to Notice rolls using a sense related to your inner beast. You also gain a +1 bonus to a single skill when using it in a “beast-like” way. Example: If you beast is a Leopard – gain a +1 Stealth bonus when moving about barefoot.


Requirements: Novice
This edge replaces the Berserker Edge from SWD. The effect is identical, except it is not triggered after taking damage. The Lycantrhope may choose to enter his “Berserker” state at any time. To do so, he must succeed on a Spirit roll. Immediately after ending his rage, he is considered Shaken. If he rolls a Raise on his Smarts roll to end the rage, he avoids being Shaken.

Pack Instinct

Requirements: Beast Change or Lycanthrope
When you select this Edge, you must define who makes up your “Pack” and they must all also have this Edge to reap its benefits. When with your pack (within a large burst template) you all receive a +1 bonus to your notice rolls. You may also communicate simple ideas (single word) non-verbally with any member of your pack.

Perfect Change

Requirements: Beast Change, Veteran
Without this Edge, any time you use your Beast Change Edge, all of your equipment is affected – your clothes are shredded, you drop anything carried, etc. Once you select this Edge, you equipment becomes changes with you, stowing away to be available whenever you change back.

Innate Magic
Requirements: Mortal, Arcane Background
Channeling the forces of the universe is as natural as breathing. All Casting Modifiers are reduced by one (minimum of zero).

Requirements: Mortal, Novice
Mediums can communicate with the dead. They cannot see the dead (that requires True Sight), but they can hear them and sense their presence. When interacting with ghosts, the Medium’s Charisma is increased by +2.

True Sight

Requirements: Mortal, Novice
Some mortals can see things as they truly are. They can see through the Veil with a successful Notice roll. With True Sight, mortals can see spirits and the True Aspect of the Fae and Fae-Blooded. Mortals usually gain this ability during puberty or after a traumatic event. Many consider this ability more of a curse, than blessing. Psychiatric institutions are filled with those who possess True Sight.

Talisman Craftsman

Requirements: Novice, Smarts d8+, Spirit d8+, Arcane Background (Magic or Miracles),
Knowledge (Occult) d8+, arcane skill d8+

This is a magical version of the Gadgeteer Edge. Once per game session, a character with the Talisman Edge can create a magic device and imbue it with arcane energy. The device uses any power available to a magician or miracle worker in that setting (though this is still subject to Rank restrictions). It has half the creator’s Power Points. Once these are used up, they do not recharge. The ritual to imbue the object takes d20 minutes. Activating the device requires a Smarts (magic) or Spirit (miracles) roll.


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